Who Am I

My name is Dan and these are my pinball toppers.  I am an illustrator and pinball enthusiast living in Minnesota.  I have been working with pinball machines for the past 20 years.  In that time I have done hundreds of playfield and cabinet restorations along with many custom projects.  Illustration and design have been my passion since I was a child and I have been blessed to get to do it as my livelihood.  For a long time people close to me have been asking me "Why don't you design pinball art and mods as others already have"?.  The answer is that I wanted to take the time to create designs that would be worthy of the machines they will accompany.  So when I started, I really wanted to create designs that would help enhance the pinball  experience and continue to promote pinball and it’s growth. Spending the past years creating pinball toppers and other mods,  my goal has always been to create items that really gel with the great games they represent.

  I have had the privilege to deal with many great pinball enthusiasts over the past few years.  I hope to continue creating high quality pinball mods for many more years. With the continued support and enthusiasm of the pinball community I will hopefully do just that!